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All about Solar power

The power of the sun can generate enough energy for us all to share.
Solar power is the idea of capturing some levels of solar rays with large panels. These panels are full of photovoltaic cells that convert the energy of light into something more usable by us humans. There is even something called concentrated solar power system which used lenses and mirrors to magnify the power of the sun. 
Adding a few solar panels to your home would be a very simple way to lower a homes carbon footprint. The panels are not too expensive and most website that sell solar panels also sell a system to transfer the energy obtained throughout your house.
Most states are under obligation to buy back any excess energy that has been generated by the sun. Which means at some point the solar panel will pay for itself. 

How does it work?
It all starts with the sun emitting light as particles and waves...yes light moves as particles and waves crazy huh? The energy from the sun speeds across the galaxy and reaches us here on earth. Usually plants are the only medium for solar energy conversion but we the scientists have come up with something better...

First let us begin with the idea of Photovoltaic Cells ...please follow the link for more info
  • Cells take in energy from the sun and transform solar rays into a small voltage that gets collected by the solar panel.