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A Green Consumer

Every person makes a difference when it comes to lowering a carbon footprint. Everyone can do there part, however small, and it will still make a difference.

Here are a few topics for reference to a more 'green' living

Over the Holidays : Remember to be smart over the holidays...when you are throwing a party don't "over do it" with too much food. Washing all those dishes may not sound attractive but remember all that plastic waste fills trash cans and land fills.

Precycling: We all need to pay attention to the stuff we buy everyday. Single serving meals and other items with lots of wrapping and extra material are a waste. Be aware of the things you buy at the grocery store and send a message to the producer/manufacturer that we want less packaging.
Proper Skylight Geometry

Skylights: If used correctly they can lower your energy use year round. (Click for more info.)

Vermicomposting A better way to compost. Worm castings provide really enhance the quality of your soil.

Energy Consumption: A technical writing essay about energy consumption in the world.

Green Energy....apparently for losers!
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