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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life is a struggle | Embrace nature

Here is another beautiful shot from my adventure out to Wyoming to finish my degree of geology and earth science. Life can be hard sometimes, I feel it helps to take a moment and imagine yourself here at this spot and try to imagine what you feel. The ripples of the water as a breeze picks up, the sounds of the bugs skimming the water that sort of thing.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I scavenge

Recycled Copper
One thing I really enjoy recycling is any sort of scrap copper I can find. Currently I have only a few pounds hand scrapped. I met with an associate who took me to his old family farm....there I found a whole lot of scrap wire. I have most of it collected but the winter weather has made it very hard.
But remember, there is all sorts of things that can be scavenged from the area and recycled. Just because you do not get rewarded with money does not mean the material should not be recycled.
A very important thing to recycle is old electronics...the little pieces can be reused to make newer electronics.

Recycled Copper
Scrapping metals is a good way to make some additional income but remember to be careful and smart when scavenging. Stealing is never the way to make a quick buck and it never pays. Also getting yourself electrocuted is another potential hazard when scavenging a little too hard.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life moves fast - check out nature

Another opportunity to slow your life down for just a little bit and enjoy the experience of nature. Here is another beautiful landscape taken by myself when I was out in the wilderness. I was not happy to be in Wyoming for the first few days, but it certainly grew on me the more I allowed myself to let go and live in the moment. 
Please take a few minutes to visualize yourself here, feel the cool wind and the hot sun on your face.