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Friday, June 14, 2013

A moment on reliable energy from American Power Group

American Power Group
Straight from the website for Dual Fuel Reliable Power at APG,

About 1,200 people live and work at the campus.
The facility has three 725 kw engines for on-site generation, giving it added security and the ability to “peak shave.” When power rates are at their peak, the facility shaves its bill by generating its own electricity.
Two of the generators run on 100 percent natural gas. The third, a diesel generator, was converted to APG’s Dual fuel. Converting to Dual fuel is cheaper than converting to 100 percent natural gas, since it does not alter the way the engine works. And Dual fuel allows the engine to use 100 percent diesel if natural gas supplies are interrupted.
“In case of emergency, we have the flexibility of using diesel to keep our emergency systems running,” says Juan Mata, plant manager of the Watchtower complex. “Dual fuel allows us to perform without interruption. We have both flexibility and security.

This may not be the absolute solution but we have an abundance of natural gas in America.
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