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Monday, January 6, 2014

Precycling - Like recycling only one step further

Reducing waste by reusing products or by buying a product based on its potential to be recycled.
Recycling a single aluminum can saves the amount of energy needed to power a television for 4 hours

What it is all about:
Precycling is a broad term that means anything from buying items in bulk in order to cut down on packing material to brining reusable grocery bags with you to the store. How many plastic bags get filled everyday later to be thrown away in the garbage?
The difference between "precycling" and recycling is the idea that precycling takes the initiative even further. It makes the consumer think more about what they are buying and how it will effect the world. Not just reducing waste but also reduce the potential for waste.

How to implement:
Precycling is just as much about doing something positive as not doing something negative. It is easy to precycle and the more effort you put in the bigger the pay off. Find the companies that use only organic ingredients and recycled paper to package the food item. Try to avoid single serving items or items that have a lot of packing. Use the fabric bags at the the plastic bags and recycle them (most grocery stores have a place to recycle plastic bags).
Does it work:
There is no question here...we all share the same planet so why poison the drinking water and foul up the land will landfills?
In 2009 the average American generates 4.3 pounds of trash per day...or 1,569lb a year in Maine (about 40% recycled)
 or 1,980lb a year in Wisconsin (34% recycled)
If you buy stuff with a lot of extra packing the manufactures will KEEP MAKING ITEMS WITH WAY TOO MUCH MATERIAL
Think before you buy!
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