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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gemology - Students Drying Up


Are students opting for courses in gemology/diamonds?A recent discussion was that students are drying up for the longer courses because they fear no future in our way to make any real money...

On one hand...Any real geologist knows there was never any "big money" in the mineral and crystal world it was never a get rich career. It is about knowledge of the minerals and ability to answer questions of perspective buyers. In these days anyone can do a little research on the internet and get a rough idea about any stone. Being up to date with recent knowledge is very crucial. 

Passion for one's profession is always the key. Whether you want to be an engineer or doctor or a carpenter or anything else your desire for it should be paramount.

Okay but more importantly...
Students seem to still only want to join the course or enter into the field because of money. None of them have patience for the long in-depth courses. Is this happening everywhere?

It seems as though there is a chasm that is widening between the simple retailers who prefer a lighter knowledge of stones...and the scholars who know how and when the crystal seems less people are caring about what caused the inclusion and more concerned with the overall color of the stone. 

On the other hand...

 In my experience the students currently enrolling are hoping things will improve and they'll be able to stand out, they are occupying their time during a "career break" or are being led on to think that they'll earn loads of cash by schools for being so qualified.

To make money in this trade you need to be in the sales side of things, where qualifications in gemmology are a bonus but not essential. So why pay out for it?

Gemmology is a passion, to echo Mike's point. Someone who is passionate about this industry will walk over hot coals to learn a bit more, see a different viewpoint or touch that rare piece.

If the educators want to pull in more students, they need to make it all a bit more modular and help to spread the payments. GIA seem to be doing this, but they need to ease up on the time scales.

(Thank you Damon Miles) 

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