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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stored Energy in Geologic Traps

A while back when I was in college I had to attend a seminar about different ways to store energy underground.There are several options but the one that makes the most sense is to store the energy in an aquifer.
An aquifer happens when a large sandstone formation gets buried and covered by an "aquitard" ...generally this is simply a layer of clay over top of the sandstone.
The following video goes through the seminar I sure to check it out.

The largest problem I can see is this process fills up void space under ground. Instead of a cone of depression we may get some sort of mound forming where the air is trying to escape from the geologic trap. If you do not know what a geologic trap is then stay tuned for future posts over other geologic topics. No matter how tight the aquifer is sealed air will find a way to escape, but energy collected but not used is any way to be able to store some potential energy should be explored further. 
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