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Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Power Group Partners with Fitzgerald Glider Kits to debut first natural gas duel fuel glider at truck show

More interesting news for American Power you can read form the title of the post they will be debuting their dual fuel engine with Fitzgerald gliders. This is very exciting news for the little company based out of Algona Iowa. These gliders are pretty much just the shell of the car, Fitzgerald and Wheeltime Network get together and refurbishe these gliders. This is a win win situation for everyone....buying the shell of the truck is much more cost effective and there is no need for any sort of special conversion necessary. Natural gas is a step towards the future.
More from Etrade - APGI

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation's President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We expect the 2013 Fitzgerald/APG Dual Fuel Glider to become one of most innovative and exciting new Class 8 vehicles on the road with 20%-30% lower net fuel costs as compared to standard diesel engines and up to 70% lower annual maintenance costs." Mr. Jensen added, "The introduction of a Dual Fuel Glider, coupled with the resources provided by a Fitzgerald/WheelTime Network/APG collaboration, could be the game-changer that accelerates the transition of Class 8 truck fleets to natural gas as an alternative fuel."

The benefits of a glider kit are significant. The initial purchase price is typically 25% lower than a new diesel truck. The Detroit Series 60 12.7 liter engine, which is rated at 500hp and 1,650 lb-ft torque, was one of the most popular engines of the 1990s, pre-dating the addition of emissions reduction equipment required on later model year engines. There are significantly less maintenance costs and downtime with the Series 60 12.7 liter engine. Additionally, fuel efficiency is typically better, with fuel mileage of up to 7 miles per gallon. The Fitzgerald Glider comes with a three-year, 300,000 mile warranty on both the engine and transmission.
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